Counseling Services from Pangea Integrative Therapies in Denver

Pangea Integrative Therapies in Denver, Colorado | Counseling Services

Pangea Integrative Therapies in Denver, Colorado offers a wide range of counseling and therapy services. Our holistic vision is an integral part of our professional Denver area counseling programs.

Our Denver therapists at Pangea Integrative Therapies are trained in traditional psychotherapy modalities. In addition, our contemplative psychotherapy (a melding of client-ceneted counseling with spirtual psychology) methods provide an effective way of working through psychological issues utilizing yoga, breathing, mindfulness and counseling techniques.

At Pangea Integrative Therapies in Denver, Colorado, we specialize in the following counseling and therapy techniques and modalities:

•   Individual Therapy  
•   Couples and Family Therapy  
•   Addictions Counseling
•   Adolescent Counseling  
•   Body-Centered Therapies